Michael J. Steinbaugh, PhD

Research Fellow, Joslin Diabetes Center
1 Joslin Place, Boston, MA 02215
mike@steinbaugh.com | (617) 299-1384

PhD level research scientist with 10 years of experience studying aging, metabolism and transcription. Trained in genetics, computational biology, molecular biology and microbiology. Specialized in high-throughput and computational approaches, including next-generation sequencing and genome-wide RNA interference screening.



PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Michigan


BS, Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics; Spanish Minor, UCLA

Research Experience


Research Fellow, Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School
Lipid-mediated regulation of the SKN-1/Nrf transcription factor
Mentor: T. Keith Blackwell


PhD Student, University of Michigan Medical School
Stress resistance and xenobiotic metabolism in slow-aging mice
Mentor: Richard A. Miller


Research Intern, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging
PCR optimization of polyglutamine tracts implicated in HD and SBMA
Mentor: Lisa M. Ellerby


Research Assistant, UCLA
Phage display library screen for B. anthracis PA-competitive peptides
Mentor: Kenneth A. Bradley


Blackwell TK, Steinbaugh MJ, Hourihan JM, Ewald CY, Isik M. (2015). SKN-1/Nrf, stress responses, and aging in Caenorhabditis elegans. Free Radic Biol Med 88:290-301. Review. [PDF]

Steinbaugh MJ, Narasimhan SD, Robida-Stubbs S, Moronetti Mazzeo LE, Dreyfuss JM, Hourihan JM, Raghavan P, Operaña TN, Esmaillie R, Blackwell TK. (2015). Lipid-mediated regulation of SKN-1/Nrf in response to germ cell absence. eLife 4:e07836. [PDF]

Yoon JC, Ling AJ, Isik M, Lee DY, Steinbaugh MJ, Sack LM, Boduch AN, Blackwell TK, Sinclair DA, Elledge SJ. (2014). GLTSCR2/PICT1 links mitochondrial stress and Myc signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111:3781-6. [PDF]

Steinbaugh MJ, Sun LY, Bartke A, Miller RA. (2012). Activation of genes involved in xenobiotic metabolism is a shared signature of mouse models with extended lifespan. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 303:E488-95. [PDF]

Sun LY, Steinbaugh MJ, Masternak MM, Bartke A, Miller RA. (2009). Fibroblasts from long-lived Snell and GHRKO mutant mice show diminished ERK phosphorylation but exaggerated induction of immediate early genes. Free Radic Biol Med 47:1753-61. [PDF]